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When two or more people work together, dispute over any matter is inevitable. Disputes on any matter, not only harm personal relationships between the partners, but also put business operations at stake. A fair, unbiased dispute resolution process is the only solution to improve distorted personal bonds and business operations as well, so as to maintain thriving profit scale.

What is Dispute Resolution?

Dispute resolution is nothing but a process of resolving disputes between working partners. This process uses different dispute resolving techniques to bring an issue to an end.

Some of them are listed below:

Arbitration is the most preferred mode of dispute resolution in India. This is a simple, convenient and economical technique utilizing either an arbitrator or three-arbitrator panel to resolve an issue outside the court.

A lawsuit (litigation) is the process of dispute resolution, under which a civil action is brought in the court for an unbiased judgment.

Mediation. involves an independent mediator who helps the involved parties achieve their own resolution by the means of communication and negotiation techniques.

Negotiation. is a flexible dispute resolution technique, whereby the involved parties communicate with each other to reach a mutual agreement, with or without the support of a lawyer. type of dispute resolution process whereby the parties seek help of a conciliator, who meet the involved parties in person to bridge the gap between them.

Sterling Juris- Nurturing collaborative relationships with sustainable solutions

At Sterling Juris, we constantly work to come with great solutions that can foster the smooth flow of business operations. Our team of dispute resolution lawyers has incredible experience in handling disputes, including intellectual property claims, tax litigation, banking, construction, commercial contract disputes, and matters related to insurance, professional liability, property and many others. Further, the team holds expertise in dealing issues in regard to insolvency and restructuring, telecommunications, and international business as well. With our team of knowledgeable lawyers, we successfully provide dispute resolution services to individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, governments and corporations as well. Our lawyers work with a sense of personal touch, thus, they precisely analyze your dispute and try to come up with the best possible technique, which may lead to an efficient result. Our lawyers have experience in representing a client, be it a business of government, in state or national level courts, on a variety of issues. Whether you prefer a litigation process or an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process, our solicitors ensure to provide the best possible outcome, while safeguarding the rights and interests of both the parties.


I would like to pay my heartiest regards to the team of arbitration lawyers at Sterling Juris, for handling my arbitrating claims efficiently. With years of knowledge and experience, the team went an extra mile to handle my case for arbitration, which thoroughly satisfied both the parties.

– Jenn Bakir, USA

Many, many thanks to the team of arbitration lawyers at Sterling Juries for dealing with the complex arbitration case that I brought. You guys handled that case so wisely and efficiently, leaving me and the other party completely satisfied. Keep up the good work and I wish you best of luck for future projects.

– Kriti, India

Arbitration law

Sterling Juris provides international and domestic alternative dispute resolution services to a wide spectrum of industrial sectors encompassing international finance, real estate and many more.

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Banking and finance law

Sterling Juris is well equipped to render legal services catering different aspects of banking and financial sector. Our legal solutions associated with finance include all forms of security issues, loan agreements, etc.

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Constitutional law

The Indian constitution provides some fundamental rights to its citizens. If you feel that you are deprived of your fundamental or constitutional rights then contact Sterling Juris, for the best legal solution.

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Consumer law

Sterling Juris is dedicated to solve the grievances of the consumers by handling efficiently their complaints in the consumer court, in accordance with the rules of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

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Contempt law

If any person unknowingly disobeys or disrespects a court’s decision, then the court will take action against them. Sterling Juris provides solutions to come out of such critical situations while abiding the law.

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Contract law

Sterling Juris provides contract and agreement law services to companies as per as the Contract Law of India. Our broad range of services include contract and document drafting, agreement of licenses.

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Intellectual property law

Sterling Juris understands the significance of Intellectual Property Rights in an age of technology. We have expertise in providing legal services related to patents, trademarks, copyright, licensing, etc.

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Labour and Industrial Law

At Sterling Juris, we have experienced lawyers specialized in representing contentious and non-contentious matters related to all aspects of employment law in India.

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